Affordable Future with Solar Energy

Mirella was paying a lot more than she needed to for electricity. She knew it and had done her research on solar energy.

“I knew it was the way forward for me – it was just a matter of finding the time.”

Grand Group - Flexible options

Flexible options

Mirella came across Grand Group. We listened to her problem and arranged both her quote and installation on a weekend, to fit around her busy work schedule.

We always ensure our staff arrive right on time to every appointment – it’s a simple matter of respect.

So Mirella chose a time that suited her, and we adapted our services to fit in with her schedule.

Grand Group - Reputation is everything

Reputation is everything

Mirella did a lot of research before choosing Grand Group for her solar energy.

“Grand Group has been in business for a long time. I didn’t want a startup company with little experience. Grand Group has a reputation for quality products as well as excellent service.”

Grand Group - A world of difference

A world of difference

In her research into solar energy, Mirella had dealt with a number of other companies.

“I was ready to tear my hair out! I was speaking to overseas sales reps who had no idea. There was no consistency. I couldn’t get straight answers to my questions – it was a complete nightmare!”

Dealing with Grand Group was like stepping into a different world. 

I could talk to real company employees, experts in their field, at any time. The customer service lady gave me her name and direct line so I could call with any questions I might think of. It was really important to Grand Group that I had all the facts and that I was completely comfortable and confident in my decisions. They were a dream to work with!”

A bright (and affordable) future

Grand Group have saved me money already. I’m actually excited to see my summer electricity bill. Now there’s something I never imagined I’d ever say!”

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