If you could save the earth or save money, which would you choose? What about if you can have both?

By using a renewable energy source – the sun – you are making your own small contribution to the environment. And it is that renewable energy source that is going to save you money.

The solar myth

The solar myth

Once upon a time, solar was marketed as a way to make money. You would install a solar farm on your roof, generate power to feed back into the grid and take advantage of very handsome feed-in tariffs…

… and then overnight those tariffs were slashed.

Then why are we still in the solar business? It’s simple… when everyone was trying to make money from solar, they had it wrong. The name of the game is saving money.

Future-proofing energy bills

Future-proofing your energy bills

If you have a look back at your energy bills from the last few years, you will notice a pattern. Even if your family is using roughly the same amount of energy, you will be paying more year-on-year. And those price increases aren’t insignificant… every two years the price of electricity rises by approximately 19%. Do the maths on that!

An investment in solar is a long-term strategy to future-proof your energy bills.

With solar, you have the power to generate your own energy… and the sun rising every day is just as certain as electricity price increases. Use the energy you make the right way and you will unlock the savings.

Smart approach to solar

The smart approach to solar

Savings with solar won’t magically appear on your energy bill each quarter… you need to know how to use your solar energy the right way.

The smart approach to solar is about using your system to power your home. It all comes down to timing and making your solar system work for you.

That means using all of your major appliances, as much as possible, during the day when your solar system is working hardest to generate energy.

For every system we install, we take the time to ensure you are aware of the most efficient way to use the system for your circumstances. We know that not everyone is at home during the day to be churning through the washing in the daylight hours, but whatever your situation, you can maximise the savings from your solar system through clever planning.

Quality and efficiency

Quality and efficiency

Have you ever bought a cheap car to save yourself some money… only to find that you end up pouring money into it when it breaks down?

It’s the same with solar. Invest in a quality system and you will reap the rewards.

The thing with solar is to maximise the benefit, you need it to work efficiently.

And quality panels are going to give you that efficiency far better than an inferior product.

We use only the best quality panels. Our panels are tested and maximised for Australian conditions ensuring you get the efficiency you need to power your household.

Using your excess energy

Using your excess energy

If you have a quality system working hard for you, you might find yourself with excess energy to burn. That’s a great position to be in. And this is where you have options:

  1. Offset the cost of any electricity you are using in the non-daylight hours and take advantage of feed-in tariffs to feed that excess energy back to the grid.
  2. Install a solar battery to store that excess energy to continue powering your house, day or night.

We can work with you to determine which option will work best for you to optimise your savings.

Discover the savings with solar

With solar, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. What works for your neighbour won’t necessarily work for you. And that’s why we offer a free assessment.

Our trained assessors review your energy usage, household requirements and technical aspects of your roof pitch and space to determine the best solar solution for you. And they’ll show you how to save electricity by harnessing the power of solar energy.

To discover the savings with solar, contact us for a free assessment.

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