Every one of our installation team is a CEC Accredited Installer. It’s not just for your peace of mind. It’s our unwavering commitment to delivering a superior product and service.

Grand Group Confidence and Trust

Confidence and trust

The solar industry is a fast-moving one… and our installers need to be at the forefront of new technology, standards, and best practices.

As well as being fully licensed to install solar energy in Australia, CEC Accredited Installers must undertake significant additional training as well. They need to submit to practical assessments where their techniques and skills are assessed.

You can trust that our installation team are qualified, experienced and highly skilled. They are familiar with all new products, testing results and emerging issues. You know that they are across all the latest in technology, installation standards and best practice.

Yuan-Installation manager

Yuan, Installation manager

“For Grand Group solar energy installers, possessing CEC accreditation is only the start. We only employ people that we would feel comfortable having in our own homes. Our installers are also very, very experienced.

We are fantastic at navigating the common issues of solar installations. Because of our specialist training, we are also up to date with the latest issues from emerging products and can overcome even uncommon problems with ease.

Our installers can work with every kind of roof material and slope. We know how to get the best performance out of every panel. We can anticipate how each type of roof will age, potential areas of weakness over the coming decades and how to manage potential damaging elements like trees, birds, and hail.

We can spot any structural issues before they become a problem and we basically future-proof your house. We guarantee that all electrical circuits they work on will be safe and meet all codes and legislative requirements.”

All in the details

It’s all in the details.

The difference between a rubbish install and an excellent one is in the details. When the details are ignored, the system will underperform.

Yuan and his installation team are the people behind the details. Ironically, when they do their best work, you will never notice it. Because their brand of perfect means a system that is quiet, unobtrusive, that adds quality and savings to your life… without you even noticing.

“I am a pretty easy-going person. I don’t like drama; I just like things to be work properly.

I am very process-driven. Just getting the job done is not enough. I like everything to be done right. We are only as good as our last install, and our reputation is integral to everything we do. Getting the details correct is important.

The future of solar is boundless. The benefits to our customers and the impact on the environment is enormous – people will still be benefiting generations from now. I’m fascinated by the developments in solar technology and the potential for new industries in transportation, robotics, and smart homes. We are right on the cusp of some amazing things and I’m excited to be part of that.”

Grand Group Australia - Top 3 NSW Solar Company

Solar energy is a clean, renewable, and cost-effective power source. There’s no wonder why more and more people across NSW have made the transition to this form of energy consumption in their households. Interested in making the switch to solar? Give us a call today and our solar experts, assessors and CEC solar installers will take care of the rest!

  • We can help you customise the solar system in your home or business to meet the daily electricity requirements around the premises.
  • Grand Group Australia only supplies Tier-1 solar panels across the NSW region. Therefore, you can expect the solar system to last for years to come!
  • Our expert CEC solar installers are very efficient, ensuring that the installation process is quick and hassle-free for the customer.
  • Our customers receive a warranty of up to 25 years – one more reason to call our Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installers!
  • You can book a free assessment with our team where you will be provided with a personalised quote for a solar system installation by our CEC solar installers.

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