Think of a solar battery as your backup plan… and a way to slash your energy bills. Solar batteries are becoming increasingly popular as Australian households move towards renewable energy solutions. And at Grand Group Australia, we are proud to be helping to rewrite Australia’s energy story through our high-quality solar energy and battery solutions.

How solar batteries work

How solar batteries work

There is a good chance that the energy your solar system creates will be greater than what you need to power your home during the day.

Most people feed this excess energy back to the grid in exchange for feed-in tariffs which reduce the cost of your energy bill.

However, if you have a solar battery, you can store this energy for your own use. Rather than just receiving a tariff against the energy you use, you can negate any need to use power from the grid by using the battery to self-sustain your power needs.

South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme

South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme

Grand Group Australia was one of the first system providers approved to install solar batteries under South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme.

Under the scheme, subsidies are available to offset the cost of solar battery installation for eligible households.

We can help you determine the best size battery for your needs and answer your questions about how a solar battery can be an affordable and reliable solution to your energy needs.

Alpha ESS Smile 5

Alpha ESS Smile 5

Alpha ESS batteries use patented German technology and integrated smart energy management solutions.

As one of the earliest pioneers in energy solutions, Alpha ESS batteries meet high international standards.

The features of the Alpha ESS Smile 5 include:

  • Self-sufficient modular battery
  • Real-time monitoring and intelligent control
  • Li-phosphate used for its excellent safety and long lifespan
  • 5kW, essential load protected system
LG Chem - RESU

LG Chem Resu

LG is a leader in home solar battery solutions. Their batteries are used in cars… and their home battery solutions are quality with a range of features that make them an easy choice for many Australian households.

The LG Chem Resu batteries feature:

  • Continuous power and superior efficiency
  • Long lifespan and durability with 80% capacity retention after 10 years
  • Compact size and simplified inverter connections
  • Scale up your battery size with RESU Plus extension modules

Take a step towards your sustainable future

Through our free solar energy assessment, we determine the best solar solution for your household, including solar battery options. Our trained assessors are passionate about solar energy and can help you understand how to save with solar on your path to a more sustainable future.

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