Taking the power back to future-proof your energy bills

Future proof your energy bills

Every two years, NSW energy prices increase by approximately 19%.

Compare that to a 3% wage growth and it is no wonder that Aussie households are feeling the pinch.

In fact, Australia’s energy prices are among some of the highest in the world.

Switching to solar

Switching to solar

According to Geoscience Australia, we receive 58 million PJ (petajoules) of solar radiation across the country each year. That is 10,000 times greater than the total energy we consume as a nation!

It seems like a terribly wasted opportunity, doesn’t it?

Renewable source

Grand Group Australia Director, Sunny Li, has been working in the solar industry for more than a decade. He explains why the switch to solar simply makes sense:

“If all the power used in the world was solar-generated, we would still only be using 0.01% of the sun’s power production. In other words, we can support the entire world population without the use of coal, fossil fuels or any other kind of pollutive non-renewable energy source, using less than 1% of the solar energy produced by the sun.”

When you use a renewable source – the sun – for your household energy, you are taking the power back and future-proofing your energy bills.

Not only are you generating your own energy to power your household… you are saving money in the process.

And the amount of money you save isn’t insignificant. Sunny breaks it down for us:

“A 6.6kw solar PV system can generate 9636kwh of power per year. With the average price of electricity at $0.33 per kWh inc GST and a feed-in tariff of $0.20 per kWh, the average household savings are between $1927.20 and $3179.88 per year.

Even based on a minimum saving of $1927.20, a solar system can provide a return on your investment in less than three years.”

Install once and reap the rewards

Install once and reap the rewards

The benefit of solar energy is that once you have installed your solar system, you can reap the rewards for decades to come.

However, it’s not enough to install the best solar panels and hope for the best.

You need to combine Tier 1 solar panels installed by Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers with an understanding of how to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels for your home.

Maximise efficiency

And you don’t need a complex formula to maximise efficiency and save money… all it takes is a simple and practical approach and maybe a few tweaks to how you use your appliances:

  • Select the right size system for your household needs.
  • Run the majority of your large appliances during the day while the sun is shining.
  • Feed any excess energy you produce back to the grid or install a solar battery to store it for your own use.

Unlike power bills that keep coming year after year, a solar system is a one-off investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Reliable energy source

Reliable energy source

There aren’t many things that are as reliable as the sun rising and setting every day.

Would you rather rely on the abundance of sun available to you or the inevitability that power prices will continue to increase?

The sun isn’t the only reliable element of the solar equation… solar panels themselves are reliable, working hard for you day in and day out. At Grand Group Australia, we offer a 25-year warranty on our solar panels.

Quality solar panels will not only deliver you savings, but they will also give you peace of mind that your investment will see you well into the future. Sunny explains the Grand Group Australia 25-year warranty:

“We provide a 25-year warranty on our panels that guarantees that even after 25 years, the power produced by the panels will not drop below 80% of the power the system produced when it was brand new.”

Reducing your carbon footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint

In Australia, we have one of the highest per capita carbon emission rates in the world. Despite our relatively small population, that’s not a statistic to be proud of. But it’s not too late to rewrite the story.

We can all play our part in protecting the environment for future generations… and the power we consume is a huge part of this. Switching to solar isn’t just about saving money… it’s about saving the planet.

Solar energy story

Using solar energy makes you think about the appliances you use and how you use them. It makes you stop and think about when you are using energy in your home… and given the savings you can make, there are real incentives to living more consciously around your electricity usage.

At Grand Group Australia we are passionate about rewriting the solar energy story in Australia.

The damage non-renewable energy sources do to the planet is a big driver in our mission to bring solar to more Australian homes. Sunny explains the bigger picture of energy use:

“A 6.6kw solar system generates 9636kwh of power each year. To produce this same amount of power would require:

  • 3160kg coal
  • 2621kg toner dust
  • 9607.1kg carbon dioxide
  • 289.08kg sulphur dioxide
  • 144.54kg nitrogen oxides

We can save all of these pollutants going into the earth’s atmosphere by choosing solar power instead. By choosing solar we are contributing towards a cleaner Australia and a cleaner future.”

Make the switch

At Grand Group Australia, we are passionate about helping Australian families realise the benefits of solar energy.

Through a free assessment with one of our trained assessors, we can show you how to make simple changes in your household to maximise the savings you can get from installing solar panels.

Contact us to book a free assessment and unlock the solar energy savings.

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