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Top 3 NSW Solar Company – Dubbo

The Professional Solar installers in Dubbo

Welcome to Grand Group Australia! We are one of the finest companies providing a solar solution in Australia. We are known for our technological expertise and constant endeavour to help our patrons leverage the benefits of solar powers. We are known for our attention to detail and state of the art solar systems. Our solar systems are crafted with utmost agility and thoughtfulness. We are top 3 NSW Solar Company servicing Dubbo. We have an array of solar systems that cater to your various needs.

At Grand Group Australia, we focus on providing our clients with bespoke solar systems and installers to help them get the desired results. Our professionals are highly trained and have immense knowledge of the industry. They are solar experts. They help you choose the right solar system that suffices your needs and achieves your objectives. We believe in working as a partner with our clients, in helping them to select the best solar systems.

The Best Solar Installers in Dubbo

Grand Group Australia has empanelled some of the best solar installers in Dubbo. Our solar installers are also called PV installers. They are highly experienced and offer an array of services to ensure the efficacy of your solar system is retained and maintained.

They are responsible for:

  1. Solar Assessment:

    Before installation or naming a price one of our team of assessors will come to your house to help work out the best solar energy solution, tailored to the position of your home, your roof and your energy needs. From there we can discuss with you how you can save the most money with solar energy.

  2. Installation:

    One of the most important aspects that has a considerable impact on the working of the solar system is its installation. Our solar installers in Dubbo make sure to follow a strict guideline when it comes to installing a solar system. They make sure the solar system is installed with utmost perfection and works efficiently.

  3. Safety Standards:

    One of the most important duties of our solar installers is to check that all the safety and precautionary protocol, as well as codes, are met. The above-mentioned are one of the most important jobs that our solar installers in Dubbo perform. Grand Group Australia is one of the best solar solution providers in the country. We offer our professional services to residential units, commercial complexes and industrial units.

  4. Expert Guidance:

    After we install the solar panels and systems attached to them, we don’t just pick up and leave. We make sure that you understand how it all works, as well as how to care and maintain them. Spoilers: it’s doesn’t take much at all!

  5. Making you feel comfortable the whole way through:

    At Grand Group Australia we have a customer first philosophy. Our customer service call centre is locally situated in Sydney. Any time before or after the installation you are free give us a call, and you will be connected to someone that is able to help.

As a top 3 NSW solar company in Dubbo, we are well aware of our duties and responsibilities. We make sure to provide maximum convenience to our patrons. We aim at benefitting our community with the power of solar energy.

Get in touch with us now to reap the benefits of our services.


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