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Solar Installers & Panels in Eden

Welcome to Fabulous world of Solar Energy!!

Understanding Solar Energy system is crucial if you are looking to use them effectively and get the most out of them. Grand Group Australia has a lot of experience in offering customers high quality solar panel installations for household purposes. We are considered the best solar installers in Eden for many reasons, such as our professionalism and expertise in this industry for almost a decade. This, along with the mentioned below:

Energy Council Accreditation

Grand Group Australia has been in the business for more than a decade, providing quality solar energy solutions. Highly sought to ensure products and services are of the highest quality and eligible for rebates. We have Clean Energy Council accredited installers for our high standard service and products. This is just one of the reasons people take advantage of our solar panel installation services in Eden and other parts of Australia. We comply with a strict code of conduct and commit to solar industry best practice. You can always know you are in the best of hands.

Incredible Electrical Experts

Grand Group Australia is highly regarded for our greatest asset, our electrical experts. Our specialist staff have an enormous experience in this industry. Our installers are all accredited by the CEC. Our hard work and precision in administering standard maintenance have made us one of the top solar energy providers in Australia. If you are looking into solar, we are proud to say that our hire any solar installers in Eden are the best team of experts. Our solar assessments and installations are performed with meticulous precision and thus, they are named for their unmistakable quality.

Quick Installation Process

Our team at Grand Group Australia, are very quick to respond. They complete the installation process at great speed, while leaving no stone untouched. We wait for the cooling-off period to ensure that you are happy with the decision made before we start the installation process. The precision and expertise we have used during the installation has made us the best in the industry. We are here to support households and help them save money by providing tier 1 quality solar panel systems. We work on your time and ensure the installation process is quick, so you can enjoy the benefits of having solar energy in your house sooner.

Enjoy our Extensive Warranty Period

The durability of our solar panels is never a question. At Grand Group, we only use high quality, tier 1 panels. Our solar panels also come with a warranty of up to 25 years, so even if something were to happen you can rest assured that you’re covered. The perfect blend of high quality materials and our expert team make the installation process faster. Additionally, the longer life span of the solar panels does not incur any heavy maintenance cost in the long run.

Switch Over to Solar Power

We at Grand Group Australia invite you to avail of our solar installer services in Eden and enjoy all the benefits they provide. With our services, you will surely save a lot of money and an uninterrupted electrical power supply to your house. You can contact us now, so that our team can assess your home and work out how you too can benefit from a solar panel system.


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