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Solar Installers & Panels Katoomba

High-Quality Solar Panels at an Affordable Price in Katoomba

Solar energy not only saves the earth but also helps you save money. Grand Group Australia is the premium solar panels retailer in Katoomba, offering professional services to every household, allowing them to make use of the best renewable source of energy. The solar panels that process solar rays into electrical energy are highly effective in this regard. Grand Group Australia is considered to be the best in the solar energy industry. We are pioneers in selling top-notch solar energy products and hold a massive customer base in Australia.

Solar Panels Suit Australian Temperatures

As we know, Australian weather is mostly hot, and the solar panels tend to work more efficiently during this time. Our solar panels are made from only the best materials that ensures their durability. Moreover, there are many other advantages when you install solar panels with Grand Group:

  • The life span of the solar panels are high compared to others
  • The energy output is very high
  • The solar panel performance is extremely high
  • The operating temperature is between -40°C to 85°C
  • The energy loss from the solar panels is low
  • You can also save power for future use

Why choose us? 

We offer extensive warranty periods

The solar panels available in Katoomba are highly durable. Our solar panel system comes with a warranty of 25 years. This adds to our reliability.
This is one aspect that we have achieved at the very beginning of our journey. This makes us stand apart from our competitors. We can offer reliable solar installers services in Katoomba. This means that we always comply with the strict code of conduct and commit to solar industry best practice when installing solar panels. This also ensures that the solar panels installed are trustworthy and of the highest quality.

Experienced Professionals

Grand Group Australia has been working in the solar installation industry for over a decade. With incredible solar panels and excellent training, the electrical professionals we have are the best in the industry. Moreover, the experience our team has is highly lauded by our existing customers. This ensures you get the finished installations at a rapid pace and at the highest quality. Each professional at our company takes the utmost care in installing your solar panels and guiding you to understand how they work and how they should be maintained.


Grand Group Australia are not only known for the best solar services but also for quick post-installation services too. Our team does not waste your time and has a quick turnaround time to cater to the queries of our clients. Our process is streamlined, and we follow that diligently. Therefore, we can serve you very quickly. Also, this step by step approach helps us complete all our tasks effectively and efficiently.

Contact us now and allow us to connect you with the best solar system for your house and energy needs. With a decade of experience, we are the best in offering incredible solar panel installation services in Katoomba at an affordable cost.


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