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Solar Panels In Orange

With the growing awareness of the need of renewables and the drastic fall in per unit production cost of solar power globally, there is an increasing use of solar energy across the world. This trend is especially seen in Australia, with the highest solar radiation per square meter globally. Residents of Orange in Australia have enthusiastically adopted solar energy for their homes to be environmentally responsible and reduce their monthly electricity bills. This number in Orange is increasing. Self-generated solar energy greatly helps them reduce their reliance on the utility supplier.

There are various companies in Orange that provide solar panels that enable users to use solar energy for their homes. Out of the many solar companies in Orange, you need to be sure to choose the right solar company with the right credentials to offer quality equipment and services. Grand Group is one of the leading and most trusted solar companies in Orange. We’ve been providing expert solar energy solutions to residents in Orange for over a decade now.

What makes Grand Group stand apart from other solar companies in Orange?

  1. Experience –

    We have been offering customised quality solar energy solutions in Orange for over a decade which means we have been in this industry right from the start. Very few companies have survived for such a long time in this highly competitive industry.

  2. Technology –

    One of the reasons Grand Group Australia has been able to survive and thrive over the years is because of our ability to keep up with the technological innovations happening in the solar energy industry. Updating ourselves technologically with every major development.

  3. Exceptional quality –

    One thing that all of us believe in is offering products of exceptional quality. This culture of keeping quality first in all our endeavours has helped us provide solar panels and accessories of consistently high quality. We use only government-approved raw materials to make solar panels. All our technicians that install solar panels on your rooftops are highly trained to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of the installation at any point of time.

  4. Expert Engineering –

    All our solar panels are engineered in a manner to withstand varying temperatures, winds, rains and cyclones. Our expert engineering allows us to offer highly customisable panels that can be easily installed on your roofs. The engineering and quality are such that you achieve a high degree of solar energy capture thereby increasing the efficiency of the panels.

  5. Superior Customer Service –

    Our superior customer service attends to our customers through the whole process of the installation: from pre-installation, through the installation itself and after you are left with the end results. This is one of the many reasons behind our success. Our installers are passionate and trained CEC Accredited, they understand the need of every customer and offer the right solution for every situation.

Our representative shall visit your premises, understand your energy usage requirements, and come up a with solar energy solution that will help you save money and reduce your environmental impact.


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