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Solar Panels & Installers in Yass

There is an increasing adoption in the use of renewables globally and Australia is no exception. The abundance of solar energy and greater per square km of solar energy in Australia has led residents to adopt solar energy in their homes. Increasingly, residents of Yass are using solar panels on their roofs to augment their energy demand and reduce the monthly electricity bill paid to utility companies. In Yass, it is estimated that approximately 19% of houses have a solar panel installed on the roof.

Grand Group Australia has been one of the most preferred and trusted solar energy solution providers in Yass. Our work is so widespread in Yass. So that if you decide to enquire about our references, you will find a lot of solar panels in Yass have been installed by our technicians.

Over a decade of industry experience

Being in this industry for over 10 years has helped us understand what a typical Yass resident looks out for when making the decision to install solar panels in their house. We have helped numerous families reduce their monthly electricity bill by helping them choose the right solar panel and capacity, completely customised according to their requirements.  When you contact us, a representative from our team visits your house, finds out your monthly electricity bill, studies the house structure and the available area and then after performing some quick calculations comes up with the right solution that shall help you reduce your electricity cost.

Detailed Cost Benefit Analysis

What makes us one of the most trusted solar installers in Yass is our expertise in working out solutions for our customers that provide them the maximum benefits in what they offer. Before we sign you up for installing any panels, we thoroughly explain all the costs and the benefits that you would get out of installing solar panels. We also write up a report that roughly depicts when you will begin to see a return on your investment.

High Quality Precision Engineering

Over the years, we have perfected the art of manufacturing high quality and precisely engineered solar panels that are able to function efficiently and with high performance. We only use tier 1 solar panels which means the highest quality products for our customers.

Superior Customer Service

Grand Group Australia is known for our superior quality customer service in Yass. Our dedicated customer service team is continuously in touch with you right from the enquiry stage, to the post installation stage. Our team guides you through all the maintenance required to keep solar panels working efficiently for a long time. Our installers are CEC Certified Installers and thoroughly trained for the installation of our tier 1 panels.

 All kinds of solar panels

At Grand Group Australia, we have not restricted ourselves to residences for our solar panels. We undertake solar panel installation tasks for large commercial buildings, large farms and also industrial locations. Our CEC Accredited Installers are well-versed and undertake further training to ensure they are across the best practices for solar energy design and installation.

Give us a call and embark on a journey to reduce your overall carbon footprint and energy costs by installing highly efficient solar panels on your property.


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