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Solar Panels

Get High-Quality Solar Panels Installed at a Reduced Price

As Australia is a hot and humid nation, solar energy can be just the key you need to power your house. Maitland has a lot to gain from this sun, with the NSW’s latest solar rebates. Grand Group Australia is a reputable retailer in Maitland offering solar panels installations and related services that shall offer immeasurable benefits. With a well-experienced team, Grand Group gets the installation done in no time. We are the third largest installer in NSW. The quality of the panels that we install are always durable and of the highest quality. We follow the solar industry’s best practice. That means to say, our solar panels and installations will be of great assistance in helping you save a lot of money over time.

Standard Solar Panels Installed

Electricity bills are quite a concern these days in most households. We can provide you with a superior solar power system for your home. The solar panels we use are high quality and therefore, you should see a drastic reduction in your power bills right from the time that you install solar at your home. More importantly, the solar panels come with up to 25 years warranty. We at Grand Group Australia are reliable in offering powerful energy sources at an affordable cost. The materials used in manufacturing the solar panels have maximum output, by converting the light into heat and thereby electrical energy.

Why are Grand Group Australia Solar Panels the best?

There are many reasons why we claim to be the best solar panel company in Australia. One of many, is our solar panels.

The benefits that you reap in the future are many:

  • The solar panels that we use have more effectiveness in terms of output compared to any other solar panels.
  • The black frame option makes the solar panels highly attractive and effective.
  • The temperature assessment mechanism helps to generate the maximum energy possible from the solar panels.
  • PERC technology plays a vital role

Grand Group is reliable in offering solar installer services in Maitland 

The industry-oriented customer service that we offer makes us outstanding in this sector of business. There are a few features that we have that makes us excellent:

  • With a 25-year warranty, we at Grand Group Australia support you for life in maintaining your new solar panels.
  • The experts that we work with are top class.
  • The professional technicians are highly experienced and certified.
  • We have been in this business for almost 10 years, and we are counting for many more successful years ahead.
  • We have successfully looked after a wide range of varied household sizes and types with their energy needs, with our technicians.
  • We take almost no time at all in installing these panels and solar power systems.

If you are looking to gain the advantages of solar panels and solar energy, please contact us now.

We shall assess your location and offer the best solution for you. We are exceptional in our flexible pricing plans, with affordable cost-efficient offers. All the more, installing solar panels at your home shall save you a lot in the long run. Contact our team of professionals today!


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