What To Expect During A Free Assessment

While our Solar Assessment is FREE, it is nothing short of professional and extremely informative. Not to mention, it is one step closer to saving the earth AND money!
Here is everything you need to know about booking in a FREE ASSESSMENT with us.


There are two ways to book in an appointment with one of our solar assessors at Grand Group Australia. Depending on when we are assessing in your area next, you may receive a courtesy call from one of our team members at our local call centre. Our team will run you through all the available appointments and book you in for your free solar assessment.

However, if you’re keen to start saving with solar, like most of our customers, feel free to call our office or fill out an enquiry survey. Our helpful team will go through the entire process with you, work out when our solar assessors are in your neighbourhood next and book your free assessment.

Busy lifestyle? No problem at all! Here at Grand Group, we understand how busy life can get for most of our homeowners. That’s why we also offer assessments over the phone with our in-house assessor. Sarina will ask questions based on your current electricity bill and the shading around your house and produce a solar report for a system that will slash your electricity bills.


If you decide to book a face-to-face assessment, you will receive a call or SMS a few days before in order to confirm your appointment.

Need to reschedule the appointment? No problem at all! Our team will help you book a date and time that suits you best and will keep in touch to keep you about any promotional offers, just in case you change your mind.

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Now that the appointment has been booked and confirmed, all you need to do is wait for one of our solar assessors to show up on your door-step. Make sure you look out for someone in a black t-shirt with our company logo on it.

When it comes to our assessors, they are in a class of their own. They share a passion for solar and a desire to help people. They can look at a house and tell almost immediately the best solar system that will work for the home. So when you are ready to have your assessment, you can be 100% confident that our assessor will create the best possible solution for your needs.

Book your FREE solar assessment now and start saving with solar.

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