Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Install Solar

We all know solar power can help save you money when it comes to power bills. Which is why it is always a good time to install solar panels at your home.

However, at Grand Group Australia, we believe there is a particular time of year that is the best time to take advantage of solar. Read on to find out why we think spring is the perfect time to install solar.

Solar panels need sun, not heat

One thing people tend to forget is that solar panels actually perform better on sunny days rather than hot days and we are the sunburnt country. Thus, the climate in Australia is perfect for solar energy.

However, many solar panels can’t stand up to the hot Australian sun. This is where Grand Group Australia comes in. Our solar panels offer both a high-temperature co-efficient rating as well as operating module temperatures of -40℃+85℃.

In Australia, we tend to experience sunny days during our autumn and spring months. Therefore, we believe this is the most ideal time to have your solar power system installed. This way you can fully utilise your system during the warmer months.

Prepare your home for the 'Australian Summer'

Solar power is always a good idea. No matter the time of year you choose to install. I mean, who doesn’t want to save when it comes to their electricity bills? But, at Grand Group Australia, we truly believe that springtime is the best time to install solar.

Installing during spring means you’ll be ready to experience the full benefits of solar during the summertime, when the temperature starts reaching almost 40 degrees (and your air-conditioner will be operating day and night!).

Don't pay another 'Australian Summer' power bill

As mentioned above, we all know how hot it can get in Australia, reaching almost 40 degrees. It’s no wonder power bills are so high during the summer. Our air-conditioners and pool filters are on all the time.

Install solar now and reduce your household expenditure by taking control of your power bills. This is the best way to prepare your home for the extremely, hot summer ahead.

As a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, we only install Tier 1 solar panels and our team consists of trained assessors and qualified solar installers. Therefore, you can be reassured that you are getting the real deal when choosing a CEC Approved Solar Retailer like Grand Group Australia.

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