The environmental impact of solar energy

Our planet is hurting. We’ve long known about the human impact on the environment… and now the climate change conversation is heating up.

The question is, what are we all doing to turn the situation around? And how can you make a contribution that will help you future-proof your energy bills against rising costs?

Australia’s contribution to climate change

Australia’s contribution to climate change

Australia is one of the highest producers of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. We make up approximately 0.3% of the world’s population… yet we contribute more than 1% of global carbon emissions.

As power plants burn coal, they release harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the air. In the year to March 2019, 33.1% of all carbon emissions in Australia were generated from electricity. Electricity production is the single largest contributor to Australia’s carbon emissions.

Reducing our reliance on coal-powered energy is a giant leap in the right direction.

The move to renewable energy

The move to renewable energy

The good news is that coal isn’t the only option available to us to power our homes. And as coal is a non-renewable resource, the sooner we can move away from coal-powered energy, the better.

The answer is renewable energy that harnesses the sun or wind – renewable resources – to create electricity that we can use to power our homes. Renewable energy options work by converting the power produced from the sun or wind into energy that can be used to power our homes.

The sun creates enough energy in a single year to provide for our national energy needs more than 10,000 times over. Why not make the most of it?

The environmental impact of solar energy

Installing solar energy in your home will save you money… and that’s why most people make the switch. But it is the environmental impact of solar energy that will save us all in the long run.

The environmental impact of solar energy

For every 9636kwh of solar energy produced – the average amount a 6.6kw solar system will generate per year – you are not using the 3160kg coal, 2621kg toner dust, 9607.1kg carbon dioxide, 289.08kg sulfur dioxide and 144.54kg nitrogen oxides that would otherwise be required for coal-powered electricity.

And the benefits quickly add up. As more people make the switch to solar, the fewer emissions we are contributing to the environment.

You are saving on your bills now… and helping to save the planet for the future.

Solar Energy - Sustainable solution

Sustainable solution

Solar energy is a sustainable solution to providing our electricity needs. The sun will rise every morning and set every night.

It lights our days, fuels our plants and warms our oceans… but we can be using that energy in a much more productive way – to power our homes.

We have billions of years before the sun will die… but if we continue on the trajectory we are on in terms of climate change, it could be much sooner that we damage the planet beyond repair.

As a sustainability measure, solar energy has tremendous power to make a difference. And as consumers of electricity, the choice is ours to make.

Embrace the benefit of solar energy

The benefits of solar energy are tremendous. Like anything, it has its advantages and disadvantages… but when you consider the environmental impact of solar energy, the choice becomes clear.

At Grand Group Australia, we are committed to rewriting the energy story in Australia through our quality solar energy solutions. Until the end of February 2020, we are making a donation of $100 from every solar system we sell to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund.

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